Friday, January 30, 2009

Elder Eric Pavlos (Paul) Mortensen on Mars Hill

Note from Eric's Mission President, John Galanos

"At long last, the riots have abated, and we were able to take Elder Mortensen to Mars Hill to read together the Apostle Paul’s great oration to the Athenians regarding the UNKNOWN GOD as recorded in Acts 17. For the first time ever since we have been here, the heavens opened wide and the rains descended continuously. Elder Mortensen, his companion Elder Enslin, my two Assistants, Elders Kendrick and Ruckauer, and I made the ascent like drowned men. Nevertheless, we gathered there; there was no one else there and so we were quite alone; a heavy mist of water hung over the city panorama; the sun was not to be seen; and the rain continued to descend.

We were all soaked through. We opened in prayer and then we started to each take a turn reading Paul’s words from Acts 17. We don’t know which month Paul was in Athens. Perhaps it was a day like this when the heavens opened and not only the rain but the Spirit of the Lord descended upon the hearers of Paul. We all then descended the hill….and the rain stopped, but were still soaked to the skin!

I guarantee you, Elder Mortensen will never forget that damp Sunday afternoon on 25 January 2009."

Note from Elder Eric Mortensen

" I also got to have my Mars Hill experience last week! It was way cool, and way wet. It was pouring rain, so we were soaked by the time we got there. We had an umbrella, but it had to hold me and my companion. We got up there and I made a video on my camera that I will try to send. With president and the assistants, we read Paul's sermon to the unknown God in greek. After that we were all asked to bear testimony in Greek. It was a very special experience, to stand where Paul stood, and read what he taught. It's something I won't soon forget and look forward to getting to do it again as I leave. Did I tell you? When a missionary leaves, all the missionaries in Athens go to the top of Mars Hill along with anyone else who wants to go and the departing missionary bears his testimony in greek and good-byes are said."

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Eric said...

To whoever's interested, that same rain fell on my Mars Hill farewell gathering the last day I was in Greece two years later...